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The Top Tier Brand



From our humble beginnings, Top Tier has evolved into a dependable and recognized commercial real estate firm serving an exclusive clientele from all industries and all over the world. Over the years, we have become the premium source for commercial real estate transactions. With decades of industry experience, a diverse and talented team of dedicated individuals, and an attitude that will stop at nothing unless success is achieved, Top Tier has grown to become an important player in Lower Mainland’s commercial real estate industry.


Top Tier traces its humble beginnings to 2005, when its founding partners decided to pool resources to create the ultimate one-stop-shop commercial real estate firm that focused solely on customer service and wealth generation for its clients. At the time, the founding partners were unimpressed with the way commercial real estate was being conducted, and vowed to establish Top Tier as a leader in ethical practices and professional standards. Over the years, Top Tier began to engage in more and more areas of the industry, most notably Property Development, Land Assemblies, and Project Marketing, all of which have become main focus of Top Tier’s business development. Even amidst the financial crisis of 2008/2009, Top Tier was nonetheless able to secure dozens of properties for its clients which all proved to be profitable ventures.

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Top Tier welcomes all types of business partners because we understand the difficulties one faces when engaging in commercial real estate for the first time. Whether the client be a foreign entity or a new developer, Top Tier believes in empowering those new to commercial real estate. Top Tier continues to maintain its open-door policy to serve new clients and firmly believes in business through empowerment.


Today, Top Tier has evolved into an industry leading firm having successfully completed thousands of commercial real estate deals. Our success is defined by the sheer number of clients who trust us with their investment and continue to employ our services year after year. As in the past, we continue to strive for excellency in our practice creating new business opportunities, engaging new business partners, and innovating the industry with new ideas.

Performance & Excellence



Top Tier Marketing specializes in developing creative solutions for the marketing and sales of development projects across the Lower Mainland. With the ever-changing climate of the presale market, Top Tier Marketing relies on the expertise and creativity of its team members, various resources, online/offline presence, and advanced information technologies to ensure each project is effectively marketed and sold to its intended demographic. Over the years, Top Tier Marketing has developed an 8-step formula that yields impressive results and provides developers a peace-of-mind over the marketing and sales aspect of their project. 


Top Tier Marketing is actively involved in the acquisition and disposition of land assemblies across the Lower Mainland. Throughout the past, Top Tier Marketing work closely with a number of developers in seeking land assemblies with high potential and draft accurate project proformas to calculate the yield of the project. Frequently, Top Tier Marketing will seek possible land assembly sites and devise strategies to approach the owners. Through effective communications and negotiations, Top Tier Marketing ensures the vision of the owners and the purchasing developers are aligned in order for a successful deal to come through. In the meantime, Top Tier Maintains good relationships with various top commercial real estate firms to receive firsthand exclusive insider information to profitable ventures.



Having established relationships with many developers in the Lower Mainland, Top Tier Marketing has access to some of the hottest projects on the market today. Top Tier Marketing frequently uses this early VIP Exclusive Access to benefit its clients by offering them priority access to highly sought-after projects to view floorplans, prices, and make unit reservations prior to public release. Over the years, Top Tier Marketing has established itself as a highly professional and reliable leader in the presale buying market. In order to benefit more buyers, Top Tier Marketing has launched a website, which caters specifically to buyers who wish to enjoy VIP privileges. The website, which exhibits a list of ongoing projects that Top Tier Marketing has exclusive access to, is a highly useful tool in expanding client database as well as generate sales leads.


Navigate challenging times with unrivaled expertise. At TopTier, we incorporate decades of real estate knowledge with proven data science to formulate a fully customized approach to sell your home. From listing to negotiation, our diverse team of experts will guide you through each step of the process. 

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